Product upsells

Product Upsells

How to use Product Upsells

Our pre and post-purchase upsell app, Product Upsells, supports native one-click upsells displayed before the thank you page and also pages that you select on the app's dashboard. Customers can add upsells without re-entering payment information which causes friction. Start making bank with our app.

We offer a very generous trial period and affordable solution from a highly dependendable technical team.

Create Discount Codes

The first step of the process is to make sure you have discont codes/coupons created using Shopify. The kind folks at Shopify created a video tutorial with some instructions

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Video screencast coming soon

How do I hide the "Buy it Now" button?

The "Buy it Now" button is the unbranded version of Shopify's dynamic checkout buttons. To use our application, you may want to reduce the number of buttons that you have displayed to avoid confusing your customers when giving them a choice to make.
Visit your theme and click Customize > choose 'Product pages' in the drop-down page selecteor. Your theme edito on the left will then fill up with product page settings.

Under Sections > Product > Dynamic Checkout Button > uncheck the "Show dynamic checkout button" setting.
See Video illustration below: