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Who are we?

We are a software as a service solution suite that helps e-commerce merchants, FINTECHs, and banks succeed with Search (SEO & SEM), Paid Social (Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube), Analytics (Tracking, Analysis & CRO), Digital strategy and Education.

Our goal in life is to be the best in industry democratizing great results for every business we work with using innovative technologies, work processes and support

How to sell more

Daily Recommendations

Our algorithms pour through volumes of social media data looking at the feeling about a product from different customer segments (sentimental analysis).

Product Cost Tracking

After you've selected a niche, we'll go right to work searching through volumes of data in popular product registry for products matching your chosen niche. We track your expenses from ad spend, cost of goods (COGS), VA expenses and give you a proper profit analysis over time.

Predictive Analytics & Niche Discovery

Small businesses have to compete with companies with large scale data processing capabilities. We bring you data science at scale for your business.

Our Applications

Our applications range from Store design tweaks, getting more leads to your website, to sales distribution channels, and health tracking of your inventory. You can check out our product page.